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SoarinDash Family by mrscookie11 SoarinDash Family by mrscookie11
I decided to do my next generation mane 6 with their families. This is the family of Rainbow Dash and Soarin'. They have two fillies named Lightning Tumble and Thunder Dasher.
NOTE: This is from my headcannon future. All stories are of my own creation and they are true in my own version of the MLP Universe.

Name: Lightning Tumble
Parents: Rainbow Dash and Soarin'
Species: Pegasus
Age here: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Talent: Creating sonic lightning storms
Cutie mark: A recolor of RD'S (DO.NOT.JUDGE. I needed a cm and I couldn't find one)
Personality: Cocky and overly confident which often gets her into trouble, extremely hardheaded and stubborn, a loyal friend to the ones she loves.
Wants to be a: Weather Pegasus

Name: Thunder Dasher
Parents: Rainbow Dash and Billy
Species: Pegasus
Age here: 8
Sexuality: Straight
Talent: Doing tricks on roller skates
Cutie mark: A rollerskate on fire
Personality: Caring and anxious which often gets her bubbly, extremely shy and curious, a loving friend to the ones she loves.
Wants to be a: Wonderbolt, like her mom and step-dad

After a night out drinking booze from stress, Rainbow Dash ended up having a one night stand with Soarin. Not long after, she found out she was pregnant. She told Soarin, hoping he would stay with her, and he did, helping her with the new foal. So, she decided to marry him soon. A few years later, Rd marries Soarin and she has her 10 year old filly Lightning Tumble with her. But then one day, she ran into Billy, who was looking sad. RD asked what was wrong, and he said that his marefriend, Blossomforth, had broken up with him. So, Dashie decided to try to comfort Billy. After a night of chatting, they decided to get a drink. After about an hour of drinking, Billy shared a drunken kiss with RD, which ended up in ..... well, you know. ;)

It wasn't long when RD found out she was pregnant. She tried to tell Billy, hoping he would stay with her, but he denied the foal. So, she decided to fess up and tell Soarin. At first, he was mad that his wife had went out with another stallion, but after he heard about the drinks, he calmed down and decided to help her with the foal.  9 months later, Rainbow gave birth to a filly named Thunder Dasher. After becoming a mother to 2 children, Rainbow took time off from the Wonderbolts to raise her daughters. Not long after, Soarin' joined her, not wanting to miss his girls growing up. When Sky was 8, the two started working again, but only part time.

Bases by SelenaEde
Lightning Tumble and Thunder Dasher belongs to ME!
Rainbow Dash and Soarin' belong to Hasbro.
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