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MLP Foal Commisions
Hybrids cost 20 points because they take time.

Universe B Next Gen: Lightning Wind by mrscookie11 Universe B Next Gen: Rose Harvest by mrscookie11 Universe B Next Gen: Petunia Dash by mrscookie11 

Regular ponies cost 10 points.

Newest Deviations

Constellation :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 3 0 New Fire Ruby :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 1 58 Taken to the Next Direction :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 2 0 OC's: Graffiti and Misty :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 0 0 OC's: Ice Bomb :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 0 0 OC's: Fizzle Spell :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 1 4 Brickerup Month: Day 1 :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 4 4 Gift: Best Ponysona (besides a million others) :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 4 2 (Cookieverse) Starburst Sunshine: StarBurst :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 2 2 Sweet Treat's Family :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 3 4 My Loving, Yet Super Weird Family :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 1 0 Gift Collab: Meeting Anthea :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 0 0 Naps with Mama :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 2 95 Honey Apple Bio :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 3 138 (Cookieverse) Older FlutterMac :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 6 55 Next Gen: Dubstep :iconmrscookie11:mrscookie11 1 0


Shining armor x mane 6 (-rainbowdash) adopts OPEN :iconfilthyrat:FilthyRat 11 32 The time that stopped :iconseni-chii:Seni-chii 71 2 MLP Base: Friends :iconsinfulbases:SinfulBases 144 0 Concept Helmets V1 :iconera-7:ERA-7 122 11 I'll Be With You In Your Dreams :iconhazurasinner:HazuraSinner 1,637 83 Older Sunburst :iconstarryoak:StarryOak 103 33 The RowdyRuff Boys as Teens :iconpurfectprincessgirl:PurfectPrincessGirl 61 32 MLP: Next Gen Mane 6 :iconpurfectprincessgirl:PurfectPrincessGirl 111 61 (Starverse) CheesePunch Kids :iconthe-trash-guardian:the-trash-guardian 29 11 MLP Base: Filly Crai :iconsinfulbases:SinfulBases 241 0 Judy and Nick Family :iconhikariviny:hikariviny 2,640 400
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Rainbow Dash:
:icondarthwill3:DarthWill3 59 151
DonutPie Family :iconpurfectprincessgirl:PurfectPrincessGirl 44 21 New Life :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,613 183 (Hullabalooverse) Moonstone: Mauxie :iconthe-trash-guardian:the-trash-guardian 30 11 (Flowerverse) ApplePie Girls :iconthe-trash-guardian:the-trash-guardian 21 24


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I'll Llama for points I really need some!! Anybody?!
Name: Constellation Pommel-Way
Nicknames: Connie, Con
Age: 12
Gender: Tween Filly
Sexuality: Demisexual/ Panromantic
Body Type: Tall and Thin
Species: Equestrian Pegasus

Cutie Mark:
 A constellation
Talent: Studying Space
Job: Ponyville Middle School
Location: Manehattan 
House: Coco Pommel's House

Personality: Excitable, Cutesy, Gentle, Kind to all.
Likes: Animals, Playing with other foals, Rainbows, Bunnies, Being clean.
Dislikes: Cutting her hair, Getting called 'scaredy cat', Bullies & Villains, Snakes.
Strengths: Great when in flight, Psychically Strong, Quick on her hooves.
Weaknesses: Doesn't think before doing, Gets confused easily, Bad hand eye coordination.
Fears: Losing someone she loves, Snakes, Bears.

Parents: Coco Pommel (Mother), Milky Way (Father)
Siblings: Purple Ribbon (Sister)
Pets: None

Friends: She's anti social. :(
Enemies: Bullies

Special Somepony: None
Relationship Status: Single
Ex Lovers: None

Extra Facts:
- Doesn't like being called 'scaredy cat' cause it ruins her self-esteem
- Dreams someday to be Fluttershy's helper in Veterinary
- Rondella doesn't like her sister because she believes she's 'villainous' and 'up to no good', and has said some horrible things to her.
- Fluttershy doesn't exactly like her being like this, but she supports her daughter anyways.
- Has mastered triple wielding, holding two with her wings and one with her mouth.
New Fire Ruby
Updated Fire Ruby's design.

-Added hoof claws, like Kilalaverse Sparity kids.

-Made her mane and tail scales more stylish.

Also improving too! :D

Hope you like it!!
Taken to the Next Direction
GOD THIS SHIP IS SO KAWAII. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Steven Universe - Sapphire and Ruby (dancing) Gay Space Rocks Reunion 


I just LOVE this one!!!!!!!!

In this pic, Ruby proposed to Sapphire with a silver ring, and she answered with a kiss planted on her lips :heart:
OC's: Graffiti and Misty
Fraternal twin daughters of Fizzle Spell and Ice Bomb

These two are as close as pop and corn...... and they are super adorable :D :heart:



Name: Graffiti
Nickname(s): 'Fitti (by her family)
Age: 8
Gender: Filly

Special Talent: Doing colorful graffiti
Location: Ponyville

Likes: Helping others, pranking, rainbows, rain, warm weather, dancing, soda
Dislikes: Being away from her twin, bullies picking on her sister, cold weather, tea
Positive Characteristics: Friendly, optimistic, caring, helpful, protective
Negative Characteristics: Often doesn't take things seriously, stubborn, naive

Voice Actor: TBA


Name: Misty
Nickname(s): Mist (by her family), Big Horn (by bullies)
Age: 8
Gender: Filly

Special Talent: Special effects at concerts
Location: Ponyville

Likes: Helping others, books, magic, drawing, snow days, pop music, apple juice, her momma
Dislikes: Being away from her twin, getting bullied, hot weather, coffee
Positive Characteristics: Friendly, caring, helpful, loyal   
Negative Characteristics: Often take things too seriously, stubborn, a bit vain

Voice Actor: TBA


Bases by SelenaEde
OC's: Ice Bomb
Wife of Fizzle Spell and the mother of Graffiti and Misty


Name: Ice Bomb
Nickname(s): Ice, Icie (by Fizzle Spell)
Age: 25
Gender: Mare 
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Taken - Married to Fizzle Spell

Special Talent: Making delicious ice cream flavors 
Occupation: None
Location: Ponyville

Likes: Desserts, dancing, music, the color aqua, fun, love, her daughters
Dislikes: Mischief, danger, coffee, timberwolves, hard rock, hot weather, being criticized
Positive Characteristics: Friendly, loving, sweet, motherly
Negative Characteristics: Overprotective, a little cowardly, stubborn

Voice Actor: Moira Kelly (Nala from The Lion King)

- Her and Fizzle met as kids. They shared their lunch together at school.

- Owns a pet kitten named Woozle. She let her daughters pick the name.


Base by :iconselenaede:
Guys, I'm deactivating :( . But before I go, I just wanna say this.......

APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!! :XD::XD::XD: :D
OC's: Fizzle Spell
Name: Fizzle Spell
Nicknames: Fizz, Fizzy, Fizzy-Wizzy, Clumsy Butt (insult)
Age: 26
Gender: Stallion
Sexuality: Pansexual / Panromantic
Body Type: Average Stallion
Species: Equestrian Unicorn

Cutie Mark:
 A wand making a black mist
Talent: Advanced Unicorn Magic
Job: N/A

Location: Ponyville 
House: Lives in his own house with his family

Personality: Way too kind for his own good, Knows when things are wrong, Easily excitable, Anxious, Rarely angry, Protective
Likes: Reading, Looking at the stars, Helping Others, Relaxing, Playing with his foals, Knitting, Being cautious, Newer Technology.
Dislikes: Getting his hair cut, Things being out of order, Getting distracted, Sudden loud noises, Being scared.
Strengths: Great with magic, Fast Runner.
Weaknesses: Not that strong, Extremely Clumsy
Fears: Being seen as dumb, Bees, Changelings. 

Parents: Painted Heart (Mother), Snow Wing (Father)
Siblings: None
Pets: None

Friends: Basically anypony
Enemies: N/A

Special Somepony: Ice Bomb
Relationship Status: Engaged
Ex Lovers: None

Extra Facts:
He's extremely bipolar, so for your sake, NEVER MAKE HIM PISSED.
- He often likes to have fun, a lot like Pinkie Pie does.
- Knitts socks a whole lot. He made some for his wife and kids.
- Marigold Sunlight is his closest friend, he often helps her with gardening.
- He helps Applejack from time to time in her farm.

Base by :iconselenaede:
Design by my bestie :iconzafara1222:
Brickerup Month: Day 1
Buttercup: Thanks for walking me home from soccer practice, Brick! :)

Brick: *blushes warmly* :blush: No p-problem, Buttercup.

Buttercup: *scratches head* You ok, dude? Your stuttering.

Brick: Y-Yeah! I'm fine! ^^; I was just gonna ask ya something.

Buttercup: Really? What? :)

Brick: *holds out two bronze tickets* I have t-two tickets to go see the new Zombie's Return 2 movie on Saturday. Do you... m-maybe wanna go? ^^;

Buttercup: Sure! :D *grabs one ticket*

Brick: C-Cool! Well, see you on Saturday at the movies! :wave:

Buttercup: Ok! Bye! :wave:

Brick: *blushes and quietly stares at Buttercup as she walks to her house*

Buttercup: *questionably looks at Brick as she's walking*

Brick: :blush: *curses himself out when Buttercup catches him staring at her*


I started falling in love with the pairing Brick x Buttercup, when I saw :iconpurfectprincessgirl:'s art on the couple. :aww: I wanted to do a pic of the two myself. In this pic, they are supposed to be around 12 or 11, and Brick is crushing on Buttercup, and she doesn't know this ;p

Also, tell me what you think! :D
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